Tuesday, August 1, 2017

RPG a Day 2017: Day 1 - What published RPG do you whish you were playing right now?

It's that time of the year again. August. Time for the RPG a Day. Time to dust of my blog and get posting again. It's a nice exercise for daily posting.

I currently have no regular real-life gaming group, instead playing all my games online via Google Hangout. I am running a weekly Star Trek Adventures game, a weekly Dresden Files Accelerated game, and a bi-weekly Cypher System game, as well as playing a bi-weekly Venture City game. So I am well covered with my currently favorite game systems and settings, making the question what I would like to play right now difficult.

But after some thinking, right now I would love to play a game of Malmsturm. It's also a Fate Core game like Venture City, but it's a German sword & sorcery setting with huge world, larger than life heroes, and equally horrific or diabolic adversaries. So, yes, I am firmly settled with Fate Core as my go to game. Now, if I would manage to get a real-life gaming group with Fate Core going.

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