Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fate, Bloood & Seven Sins: Some More Thoughts

After reading some feedback last week and thinking about the hack (game) myself, I am going to take stock again. Where am I at? What do I want to accomplish? What parts need to be addressed by the hack.

First off, I've decided to drop FAE Hack from the tags of Fate, Blood & Seven Sins articles. Even if the simplicity of the FAE approaches was the first inspiration for the Seven Sins, I want to tap into the wider ideas of Fate as presented in Fate Core and the Fate System Toolkit. I'd also like to push the boundaries of a Powered by Fate game in terms of adherence to the traditional character components (aspects, skills, stunts, stress, and consequences). So I am going back to Fate Core as the starting point and will see what the Fate System Toolkit can offer for my hack.

My current plan is to describe player characters with:

  • Aspects: Named to convey specific information about the character, but not tied to a phase model of describing previous adventures.
  • Skills: Obviously a condensed list of seven skills that describe how you are approaching a particular situation emotionally. Each skill has a specific application, defined in narrower terms than approaches in FAE.
  • Stunts: They will probably be renamed as dark powers or gifts and be from a quite specific list. Currently I am thinking about having five dark powers for each sin, 35 dark gifts in total. This is intended to convey a clear vision about vampires in the game, and also to facilitate faster character creation.
  • Stress: Will probably completely replaced by Hunger conditions. I want to address blood as one of the basic facts of vampiric existence, and also replace stress.
  • Consequences: Might be dropped in favor of Hunger conditions.

Stuff I need to define (not necessarily in that order):

  • The Dark Gifts: This will be an interesting exercise in writing a lot of stunts and defining the way stunts are defined for the game.
  • Conflicts: I have some very specific types of conflicts in mind and how to resolve them.
  • Conditions: What are they? How do you get them? How do you get rid of them?
  • Seven Sins: Each sin needs a more in-depth description than is currently available.
  • Character Creation: I will have to tell how everything fits together to create a player character.
  • Mythology: What are vampires? Where do they come from? What do they actually do and care about?
  • Setting Creation: How the setting creation rules of Fate Core will be applied to the game.
  • GM Stuff: To roll or not to roll? How to define humans, NPC vampires and other tricks.

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