Friday, July 11, 2014

KT1 The Secret of Ravenscar Abbey

This was a spontaneous test round for D&D 5e with some of my regular gaming buddies.

Notes: The session used D&D Basic V0.1 and the monsters from the latest play test package released by WotC back in September 2013.

Cast of Characters:

  • Aktaias, male human wizard (soldier)
  • Alethra Marsk, female human cleric (folk hero)
  • Imra Bersk, male human fighter (acolyte/folk hero)
  • Kayleigh, female human rogue (folk hero)

What happened before: Alethra had come to Ravenscar Abbey looking for shelter with fellow clerics of Celos, deity of the sun and wisdom. There she discovered that something was off about the nuns worshipping at the abbey. When she confronted the nuns, she had to flee from them, and she managed only to convince Imra, a young paladin in training of the falsehoods spread by the nuns. They had strayed far indeed from the faith. The two ran off the the nearby village of Sea Gull Cove.

Meanwhile Kayleigh had stood up to the tax collector sent by the abbey. She snuck into his waggon and stole the tax money back for the people of Sea Gull Cove. She was also suspecting that something wasn't quite alright in this backward corner of the kingdom of Thoran, in the middle of the Karak Tarn Forest. The taxes were just a bit too high and the tax collector a bit too cruel. [1]

Now: Alethra and Imra sought refuge at the only inn in Sea Gull Cove before looking for the captain of the guard. While they were still looking, a fighter from the Abbey confronted them. They took him to their room, and killed him when he tried to attack them. Then they went to get Aktaias, the captain of the guard at Sea Gull Cove. Kayleigh was also getting curious and overheard their conversation. The four of them decided to check out what was going on at Ravenscar Abbey on the next morning, after taking a long rest.

On their way to the abbey, they made a plan to enter through the back entrance of the walled compound. That entrance turned out to be trapped. Though Kayleigh managed to open the lock on the backdoor, she set of a fire trap that burned Aktaias badly.

They snuck into the abbey and Kayleigh was scouting ahead. She found a grisly altar dedicated to Sardyna, the eight-armed goddess of death and disease in the cellar. Meanwhile, the other three heroes where discovered. They killed Sister Cellarer in the kitchen, after discovering that she did not venerate Celos, but rather Sardyna. Then the alarm was raised. The nuns and fighters of the abbey attacked the group on the meadow behind the temple. In the ensuing combat, Aktaias managed to injure the Mother Superior gravely before being killed by her magic. In the end, the heroes were victorious. They returned to Sea Gull Cove with the corpse of Aktaias. He was laid out in state, and the mayor informed the surviving heroes that Aktaias was to be transferred back to the chapter house of the Order of the Dragon in Thaugros, a coastal city at the Gulf of Thoran.

To be continued...

[1] Back story provided courtesy of the players of Alethra and Imra.

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