Sunday, June 16, 2013

Playing FAE

Yesterday, at the FreeRPG I've GMed FAE (FATE Accelerated Edition) at a not-so-local game store. It went quite well. Here are my observations from the game (and some other FAE game I did via G+ Hangout).

  1. Using methods works quite well, since it gets players to describe how they employ their approaches, thus automatically adding descriptions to the game. Yes, of course they are trying to justify their best approaches. But to me that's a feature not a bug. Gets players thinking about their actions and describing them.
  2. I've got a hard time coming up with mooks on the fly. I think, I need a book of mooks or a mookipedia of some sorts. A place where I can describe mooks that may show up in advance (depending on genre).
  3. Stunts that are directly affecting attack or defense rolls should be limited. At least for the NPCs.
  4. Also, while designing pre-gens for a convention game, I've got trouble coming up with good and interesting stunts. I also may need to create a reference here. Maybe based on FATE Core's stunts as a quick go-to-list.
  5. I've got trouble coming up with non-physical conflicts in FAE. This needs to be addressed.
  6. Conflicts seem to drag on in FAE. Yesterday a battle between three PCs, five groups of mooks and two main NPCs dragged on forever. Forever was around 2-3 hours. I am thinking about implementing my stress-free FATE hack into a FAE hack.
  7. For running a fantasy game, adding weapon rules might be a nice idea. This could at least speed up physical conflict. Alternatively, add a new stunt template to FAE that describes weapons and armor that are special or integral to a character.
  8. When playing FATE Core Fantasy, I usually add a special boost called "Loot" to the game. Loot can be used to boost the resources skill for buying things. I've yet to figure out how to add loot to a FAE game, since resources don't map to an approach (I could imagine someone spending money in a flashy way, or someone doing clever haggling, or spending his money carefully... hm.. got my answer it seems.)
  9. Also, when statting PreGens never assign a Fair (+2) Forceful approach to a spindly Eunuch for being headstrong, rather give him a stunt... Or compel him more often not to attack forcefully.

All in all, FAE is fast becoming my got to game for convention play. Easy to prepare, easy to explain, and working well in-game.

Expect some mooks, stunts and more musings on FAEntasy soon.

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