Wednesday, February 13, 2013

White Picket Witches: The Hangout Game Part 1: Setup

Yesterday, I started the White Picket Witches game with members of my regular gaming group via Google Hangout. We are using Hangout to accomodate a couple of players who are out-of-town, but still want to play. I am planning on having an offline component to the game as well, but let's see how that goes.

After a lot of technical issues with computers, connection and microphones, we finally started designing three of the Five Families. The players and I felt, it would be good to leave the other two families for players who'd be joining later (either online or offline). The three families are the Davenports, the Hargroves and the Pierces.

Note: Aspects were done in our native language, so they might not translate their whole intent into English. I am trying to find an equivalent translation that at least carries some of the double meanings attached to the aspects.

The Davenport Family

We quickly decided that the Davenports had something to do with the port of the island... namely the airport.  Sometime in the 20th century, there was a landslide that buried the harbor. It was located at the bottom of the cliffs that surround most of the island. Now the only regular access to the island is the airport. It's built on land graciously donated by the Davenport family.

  • Everyone ends up with us.
  • Pillars of the community
  • We can afford that
  • We show you the ropes
Magic: Breath Work

The Hargrove Family

The Hargroves are connected to the island in mysterious ways. They serves as guardians in the literal and figurative sense and have a close connection to nature. Also, they are a large and willful family.

  • The Guardians of the Isle
  • Animals are our friends
  • Firm as a rock
  • We are a stubborn bunch
Magic: Muscle Work

The Pierce Family

The Pierce are the traditional parish priests and perform other functions related to the church and community. Probably because they don't take bullshit and are always looking (and talking) about the truth of a matter.

  • Nobody likes us
  • We love the truth
  • We only want your souls
  • We bestead the sinners
Magic: Bone Work

After that we started with the creation of the characters. But they aren't finished yet, I am going to post them, when we are finished. So far we have ideas for Felicia Davenport, a tour guide and history buff; Gail Hargrove, a deputy trained in a big city; and William Pierce, the sole professional photographer on the Island.

This doesn't read like much, but we spent almost two hours coming up with this stuff. It was great fun to do this together as a group.

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  1. "Firm as a rock" sounds better than "Solid as a rock". But that might be just me.

    But what I would definitely change in the translation is "We help the sinners" - that sounds to much besser as "We bestead the sinners". ;)