Sunday, January 13, 2013

Urban Fantasy: The Setting

Now that skills and extras are in place, it's time to describe the setting. The premise: "high school teenager discovering their supernatural heritage, the issues that come with it and the obligations they owe" lends itself to a more personal scope. Something that is also supported by the the aspect categories that I have given earlier.

Most of the source material is set in small towns in the U.S. (except Hex, which I completely forgot to mention). Therefore, I am going to pick a small town as the site of the game. About ten years ago, I did a short Vampire: The Masquerade campaign in a small town and I still got my notes lying around on my hard drive. The game was heavily inspired by Twin Peaks and The Shinning. The town was called Wolves Point and very loosley modelled on the real town of Wolf Point, Montana. I think I am going to reuse my notes, because the town deserves some more action.

Three big issues stick out, when thinking about the town. One comes from my notes, the second from the description of the changelings and the third from the description of Grizzly Peak in the Slayers Handbook of the Buffy: The Vampire Slayer RPG.

Issue #1: There is a big howling vortex of ghosts located in the setting. They contain the angry spirits of the Native Americans massacred by the white settlers. It spins out massive amount of negative energies and unlucky coincidents. (Current issue)

Note: This is a completely fictional event, but somehow fitting to the setting.

Issue #2: The faerie realm is drawing near. The otherworld will come into conjunction with material world again after centuries of lost contact. This might not be a good thing for both worlds involved. (Impending issue)

Issue #3: Wendigos are terrorizing the logging camps around Wolves Point. There is a family who habors them secretly. The wendigos will serve as a sort of "default" antagonist. (Current issue)

These issues should be turned into aspects:

  1. Every day life is cursed by angry spirits.
  2. The Otherworld is drawing near.
  3. The woods of the wendigo

I probably will let the players pick two of the three issues, in case they are fine with them. Otherwise, they are welcome to create one or two issues themselves.

Next time we will discuss faces and locations.

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