Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Urban Fantasy: Meet Tristan Hargrove

This is an example write-up for an urban fantasy character using the concepts outlined so far:

Timothy "Tristan" Hargrove

Short description: Wears washed-out black jeans and a sweat-shirt with a barely visible band-logo, hair dyed a deep blue-black, always a torn backpack with lots of buttons near him.

High concept: A Murder of Crows
Trouble: Black isn't only a color, it's an attitude
Family: Sick of my parents constant bickering and fighting
Relation: I would do anything for Cody
School: School is for people without other talents

Great (+4): Burglary
Good (+3): Geek, Lying
Fair (+2): Athletics, Empathy, Notice
Average (+1): Allowance, Drive, Physique, Will

Stunts & Extras:
Murder of Crows: Turn into a murder of crows with great (+4) fighting, good (+3) notice, fair (+2) physique and average (+1) athletics
Wings: While flying as a murder of crows, the character can move more swiftly (two zones instead of one per exchange) and ignore ground-based and height-based obstacles.
Supernatural Endurance: gain two extra physical stress boxes

Physical Stress: o o o o o
Mental Stress: o o o

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