Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Urban Fantasy: Idea shot down

Last Friday we had another session of our regular Vampire: The Requiem game. Before the game two players talked to me about the premise for the Urban Fantasy game. Frankly, they simply aren't interested in the least to be High School teenagers slowly discovering their supernatural heritage, the issues that come with it and the obligations they owe. They can get behind a game about Urban Fantasy, because they acknowledge that this is what I like and what the majority of the players can relate to. But they don't care for playing teenagers or in a high school setting. One player clearly stated that he wants to play someone competent and experienced at what he does, reflected both in the fiction and the character sheet. I tossed a couple of ideas in (including "Angels over New York", inspired by the Kickstarter preview art for FATE Core). But nothing really sparked, except going back to the Dresden Files RPG (which I don't want to do for a variety of reasons. Some being: complexity, wanting to play FATE Core, doing my very own setting, etc.).

This development leaves me with:

  • A skill set for Urban Fantasy. I would need to introduce some skill about knowledge about the supernatural, because that is deliberately missing from the skill list.
  • An extras set for Urban Fantasy. Still need to decide about magic, now that the FATE Core Magic Toolbox is available to Kickstarter backers.

What I need to do:

  • Think about a new premise.
  • Think about the setting

Deciding factors are: I probably have a Skype group willing to play with the originally proposed idea. But I can only sustain one setting, so ideally Skype group and regular group happen in the same setting, but with different premises. Doing Wolves Point for a group of competent adults will probably end up being a setting very similar to the one used by my Vampire: The Requiem campaign (set in a small town), so I question the wisdom of repeating this. One alternative that immediately springs to mind would be moving to a bigger city like New York, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, London or Berlin. Another one would be a road movie style game happening in one of the northern states of the US (like Montana or Washington State). Then I could keep Wolves Point and tie it into the bigger picture. I usually like to keep my games local due to a rotating player roster, so ranging over too wide an area will not work.

These are just thoughts going through my mind right now, nothing settled yet. I'll keep you posted.

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