Friday, January 25, 2013

Stranger Shores: Factions

Initially, I thought that going the way of a conflict between Light and Darkness, Seelie and Unseelie would be a good way to go. But then I thought: "Wouldn't it be more fun to have light and dark creatures working side by side, forced by the circumstances to co-operate? That makes for better story." Next, it became pretty obvious what the big issue is that will influence which believes a member of the Nightfolk holds. Of course it has to do with the Event. How to deal with being stranded on Earth. From there, the factions grew naturally, and I like games with factions. They represent inbuilt conflict and thus opportunity for dramatic stories. These are the factions:

  • Albigenses: They refuse to live among humans. They believe that they have offended the Faerie Queens, God and/or Lucifer. Now they want to atone for their perceived sins. Most of them atone by being better monsters. The Albigenses pay lip service at best to the Silver Settlement and try to literally get away with murder. They are armed and dangerous.
  • Darwinsts: The Darwinsts are, like the Humanists and Malthusians, concerned with life on Earth. More specifically with procreation of the Nightfolk. They seek to find ways to have offspring, because they want to ensure the survival of the Nightfolk. Many Darwinists have secondary leanings as Malthusians or Humanists. In fact, they sort of present a common interest between the two factions, even though they are the smallest faction because of their highly specialised interests.
  • Humanists: They want to live quietly among humans. They want to adapt, even to the point of having as little contact as possible to other Nightfolk. Most keep loosely in touch and usually have a communal gathering point at a local bar run by a Humanist. Some Humanists believe that they have to battle the Malthusians and oppose that faction.
  • Iconoclasts: They want to return into their own realms. They believe that they have been abonded on Earth, but that it is their birthright to return by force if necessary. They seeks ways to open the gates into the Otherworlds by any means necessary. Demons and angels among the Iconoclasts have usually turned from their purpose and renounced their believes and loyalties to Heaven and Hell. As a whole, the Iconoclasts are driven by study and the quest for knowledge.
  • Malthusians: Better to reign on Earth than serve in Heaven or Hell sums up their believe. They also have adapted to living among humans, but they gravitate to positions of power and influence. Malthusians believe that they are destined to rule humanity and find purpose in subjugating political and economic institutions.

No matter which faction a member of the Nightfolk belongs to, s/he has to follow the rules laid out in the Silver Settlement.

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