Sunday, January 27, 2013

Stranger Shores: Character Creation

In FATE Core, characters start out with a relative modest refresh of 3 FATE points. Something I really like, because the maximum of three stunts is easier to create than the five that are required by other FATE games. Also, it leaves the opportunity to just go with one stunt and keep your refresh higher.

On the other hand, looking at my templates, I see that most of them require one to three stunts (i.e. refresh) to build. That's a lot. Also, I don't want players to get rid of the initial mundane stunt in favor of defining themselves exclusively by the Extras. Additionally, every player character is supposed to be a supernatural creature.

Therefore, each player character receives at character creation:
  • Five aspects
  • A skill pyramid topped at Great (+4).
  • One free stunt
  • One free extra that normally costs one refresh
  • Three refresh (to keep or buy additional stunts or extras)
A note about skills: initially, I had designed my own skill list for Urban Fantasy games. But that isn't really viable anymore. The list was aimed at young adults discovering the supernatural world around them. Stranger Shores deals with other issues. Therefore, I am using the default skill list with no changes at all. The list is quite servicable. Maybe I could rename Rapport to Charm, but that is also not strictly necessary. The Lore skill deals mostly knowledge about the Nightfolk, Heaven, Hell and Faerie. If it is supposed to deal with academic or scientific knowledge, you can model that by taking an appropriate stunt.

Note: This is the last post about the Stranger Shores, as I've dropped the idea. Also, one of my players remarked that it is a bit close to Vampire: The Requiem.

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